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Our Services

Money Management Educators provides financial education in the workplace. The education is provided in two formats: 

Classroom Style Lunch & Learn Workshops 

In a classroom setting at the workplace, Money Management Educators presents work-shops on a variety of key financial topics including how tax-favored investments work and work together, planning for retirement, retirement income planning and reducing taxes, wills/trusts and estate planning, and more.

PES/Personal Education Sessions

Each workshop attendee is welcome to a 60-minute on-site 1:1 education session. The Personal Education Session provides an opportunity to discuss content in further detail, and to address questions in a professional, non-solicitation environment.

Smooth Transitions

Transitioning Employees - Money Management Educators offers instruction on the financial impacts of job transition, whether it be into our out of the current organization.

Retirement Support - Employees can discuss pension, retirement, and income options, including tax implications, all in an educational environment.  Support with short-term and long-term planning is provided.