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Workshop Descriptions

The Core Four

Finding Financial Balance
Even basic tax laws are ever-changing, making it difficult for the average employee to plan properly. This session provides a solid foundation for proper long-term, tax-conscious planning with a Macro Asset Perspective.

Topics Include:

  • The Current State of Change
  • The Macro Asset Perspective
  • The Life of your Mortgage
  • Putting Your IRA to Work Early

Top 3 Retirement Mistakes
This session is designed for those in the “Accumulation Phase” of life. We help develop a realistic overview of how to set and reach financial goals as well as an orientation to the various elements of building one’s financial house.

Topics Include:

  • The Financial Pyramid
  • A Financial EKG
  • Maximizing an ESPP
  • “Wonder” of Tax Deductible Investing
  • Annual Asset Reallocation

Creating Retirement Income
This discussion is designed for those closing in on their retirement years. We touch on the particular problems associated with the “Conservation Phase” of life and provide some insights into the changes necessary to succeed during this period.

Topics Include:

  • The MAP Withdrawal Concept
  • The Art of Spending Down
  • The Stock Parade
  • Qualified Accounts – The 2nd Half

Estate Planning - Wills and Trusts
This workshop is for anyone interested in protecting his or her assets from unnecessary loss, taxation, and erosion. We discuss the benefits of proper estate planning and the issues regarding Wills and Living Trusts, as well as the Probate Process.

Topics Include:

  • What is Probate
  • What is Conservatorship
  • Estate & Gift Taxes
  • Credit Shelter Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Trust

More Workshops

Common Money Myths
Prepaying mortgages, taxable compound interest, dollar-cost-averaging, tax deferral, dividend/capital gains reinvesting? This session will address the advantages and disadvantages of these and other common strategies. The overview will help you determine their appropriateness in your personal financial situation.

Topics Include:

  • The Life of Your Mortgage
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Compound Interest Reality
  • The “Buy Term & Invest the Difference” strategy
  • Dollar Cost Averaging
  • Tax Deductible Retirement Account

Retirement Income Planning
For those in or near retirement the focus is changing. It’s now all about income. This session will help provide a solid strategy for maximizing income in retirement years while mitigating risk through a Macro Asset Perspective®.

Topics Include:

  • The Macro Asset Perspective®
  • The Art of Spending Down
  • Understanding “Mortality Credits”
  • Annual Asset Reallocation

Wealth Protection
No matter how disciplined we are at accumulating wealth, it can all disappear in an instant if we are not properly protected. This session will examine how the protection elements of wealth management can be coordinated with accumulation strategies to help ensure that financial goals are met regardless of unforeseen circumstances. Attendees will learn what to consider when making decisions about auto, home, liability, medical, life, disability and long-term care insurance as well as an overview of wills, trusts, and emergency savings needs.

Topics Include:

  • Protection Concepts/Tools
  • Protection Benefits & Considerations

Long Term Care
As people continue to live longer, the most important problem many will face is outliving their assets. Statistics show the biggest risk in retirement is the cost of long term care. Workshop attendees will learn to addresses this risk and the different options available. A discussion of government programs will address the common misconceptions of eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid as well as strategies to help protect retirement nest egg dollars.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding Long Term Care
  • Funding Sources
  • Long Term Care Insurance & Policy Design

College Savings
Education is crucial to your child’s successful future, but college costs are soaring. The average price of four years at a private college for a child born today is expected to be $314,000 (The College Board 2004).  Advance financial planning will assist you in meeting this cost.  Workshop attendees will learn tools for effectively preparing for the expense of a college education.  

Topics Include:

  • Anticipated college cost
  • How to prepare financially
  • Options for funding your child’s education

Money Strategies for Tough Times
This session is designed to help people find security while navigating through the hazards of market downturns and times of economic uncertainty. Attendees will learn effective steps to take and important mistakes to avoid in times such as these.

Topics Include:

  • The Macro Asset Perspective®
  • Avoiding market timing pitfalls
  • Planning for more tough times
  • Fluctuating Asset Reallocation

Special Needs Estate Planning
This session is designed to help family members of special needs individuals plan for their long-term financial well-being. Attendees will learn steps to take to create and protect a special needs financial plan.

Topics Include:

  • The Basics – types of benefits
  • Asset and Intent Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Family & Next Steps

Basics of Investing
Learn about style grids, share classes, fees, reallocation basics and variable products in an easy to understand and fun way!

Topics Include:

  • Style grids
  • Share classes
  • Reallocation basics
  • Variable products

The Second Opinion
Are you constructing your financial plan correctly? This class offers insight into the differing approaches to retirement planning and investment strategies. Learn the pros and cons of these differing approaches so you can make intelligent decisions on your own plan.

Topics Include:

  • Investment styles
  • Risk and market allocation
  • Risk mitigation
  • Tax impacts

Roth IRA Uses & Rules
Are you putting your Roth IRA to the best possible use?  Learn the different uses and rules for Roth IRA accounts and how to optimize them in your financial plan.

We will address these topics ... And More!

Topics Include:

  • What is a Roth IRA
  • Rules and uses
  • Pre-tax v/s after tax
  • 2010 Roth IRA Conversion rules

Custom Workshops Prepared Specifically for the Employer